Yukko Ichikawa the best friend of Erika Sakura and Juri Yokota. She is Chiba Haruna's, Kuzumi's, Tooru Misaki's and Wakana Narita's classmate.


Yukko is an intelligent girl, she studies everytime, she is mature, but she likes to tease the others (particularly Erika). She's very perceptive too.


Yukko has dark and straight middle to long hair. She is quite smaller than Juri and Erika but a bit taller than Kuzumi.


Chiba Haruna

Even though there are many rumors about him being a delinquent, she's not scared of him when he talks to her. They get along well from the very beginning and is often seen together with him. Both of Chiba and Yukko are supporting Sakura's love for Kuzumi and helping her.

Yukko admitted to him that she doesn't understand the feeling of love, like Erika, and she never fell in love with someone.

Once, Yukko told Chiba that she likes him. He didn't get it and thought it was an act of pity because nobody have never told him they like him. Since then, they are always together and Yukko blushes often over Chiba's acts and words.

Erika Sakura

Yukko and Erika know each other since middle school. They passed the entrance exam for their high school together. Then, Yukko was happy and told Erika she will be able to fool around with her for three more years.

Since Yukko noticed Erika's love for Kuzumi, she can't stop teasing her about that and ever took pictures of her sleeping with Kuzumi at night during school trip.

Juri Yokota

Yukko considers Juri as one of her best friends, like Erika.

Yukko and Juri are often seen together.

Sometimes, Juri shows she's a bit jealous of the relation Erika and Yukko have, because they knew each other before knowing her.


  • At the beginning, she does not understand love, she has never fallen in love before Haruna.
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